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Why is water important?

Coffee and tea are over 98% water so quality drinking water is necessary to produce a quality beverage. We don’t recommend the use of softened water or distilled water. Bottled or spring water works best when brewing with your Keurig.

The most common concern with water for brewing is the "hardness" of the water. This refers to various natural minerals found in water such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, sulfate and chloride. The number of grains of dissolved minerals changes the level of soluble solids extracted from the coffee and tea. As hard water passes through the brewer, it produces deposits of scale or lime. This reduces the life and efficiency of the equipment, and affects the brew flavor; bottled or filtered water should be used to solve this problem. Keurig also recommends descaling your brewer at least every 3-6 months depending on your water source.

Differences between Keurig® home brewers and work brewers

All Keurig® brewers and Keurig licensed brewers share the same innovative single-cup technology that ensures a fresh-brewed, perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage every time. However, Keurig does market separate home and work brewers with features and UL certification appropriate for their intended use.

Keurig® home brewers include the MINI Plus, Elite, Classic, Ultra, Special Edition, Ultimate, Platinum, Select,  B155, K300, K400, K500 and RIVO. Keurig licensed home brewers include the Mr. Coffee brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology, Cuisinart brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology, and Breville brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology. These brewers are engineered for home use and UL/ULC Listed for Household use only; thus, they should not be used in a commercial/office setting. In general, these brewers are designed for typical home use – including features and aesthetics most appropriate for a kitchen environment. All home brewers can be purchased through and specific models can be purchased through our retail partners. To find out which home brewer is right for you, view all brewers below. (Brewer availability may vary.)

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Keurig® work brewers include the DeskPRO, B140, OfficePRO® , B150, B155, B200, and B3000SE. These brewers are engineered for commercial use and UL/ULC listed for commercial use only; thus they should not be used in the home. These brewers are designed for robust use in commercial establishments and brewing up to ten times the daily volume of our home brewers. All Keurig® work brewers are available from Keurig Authorized Distributors and specific models can also be purchased through To learn more and find out which brewer is right for you:

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Keurig B155 brewer is certified for both household and commercial use. In this case, it is built to withstand the tough environment of a work setting, but has an aesthetic design appropriate for a household.

Using a Keurig brewer at high altitudes

While Keurig Keurig® brewers are made to be used at elevations up to 1800 m (6,000 ft.), the K-Cup Keurig® pack may need to be pre-punctured prior to brewing to release the pressure inside. To do this, simply drop the portion pack into the K-Cup® portion pack chamber and push down slowly so that the bottom of the portion pack is punctured by the exit needle in the bottom of the chamber. Also, the Keurig Keurig® Special Edition, Ultimate, Platinum, Select, and B155 brewers are equipped with a temperature control so you may want to experiment lowering the brew temperature in elevated areas.

What is the price of the Keurig® system?

For offices that require full service or a direct-water-line plumbed brewer, we recommend you work with our network of Keurig Authorized Distributors (KADs). Typically, distributor pricing is based on several factors including the number of employees, cups of coffee/tea consumed per day, and other products ordered. Depending on your workplace’s specific situation, brewers are often loaned or leased for a reasonable monthly fee, by one of our distributors. For pricing information from a local distributor, please fill out the Pricing Information Form.

How do I get a Keurig® brewing system for my workplace?

All of our commercial brewing systems are available through Keurig Authorized Distributors who can install and service the brewer that fits your needs. Simply complete our FREE 3 Day Trial form—and a distributor will contact you shortly to provide you with a brewer and K-Cup® portion packs to try absolutely free!

I don't see information for the B3000 brewer?

The Keurig® B3000 was replaced by the cosmetically enhanced B3000SE Brewing System in the fall of 2009. The B3000SE and B3000 are identical in features, and both are perfect for large offices.

How can I become a business to business distributor of Keurig® brewing systems?

Keurig chooses its distributors based upon several criteria that include: commitment to customer service, an established customer base, equipment service capabilities, and location. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for office coffee service, please complete the Become a Distributor form, or contact for more information.

How do I become a retail partner?

Keurig is always interested in partnering with retail outlets that will represent and maintain brand equity in the Keurig name. If you are a retailer interested in reselling Keurig® products from your retail store, please call to speak to a retail sales representative from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST at 781.205.7421. Thank you for your interest in Keurig.

How do I set up a corporate account so I can be invoiced?

Corporate accounts cannot be set up on If you need to be invoiced for your order, we will need to put you in contact with one of our distributors. Please fill out the following form and a Keurig Authorized Distributor will contact you to discuss your specific billing needs.

Our office has a malfunctioning Keurig® brewer. Who can we contact about it?

If the brewer is a commercial model obtained from a Keurig Authorized Distributor (KAD, please contact that KAD for assistance). If you are not sure who your KAD is, please email with your brewer’s serial number and your contact information. If the brewer is a B145/OfficePRO® or B155 model purchased directly from Keurig and is within its one-year warranty, please contact Keurig Customer Support for assistance.

Limited One Year Warranty

Keurig® offers a limited warranty on Keurig® brewing systems. For more information, please refer to the warranty document contained in the product package.

How do you obtain warranty service?

Keurig® brewers are high quality appliances and, with proper care, are intended to provide years of satisfying performance. However, should the need arise for warranty servicing, simply call Keurig Customer Service at our toll free phone number. Please do not return your brewer for servicing without first speaking to Keurig Customer Service to obtain an Authorization to Return number (ATR). Keurig® brewers returned without an ATR number will be returned to the sender without servicing.

Appropriate Use of Keurig® Commercial and Home Brewers

Keurig strongly recommends that offices use UL Commercial rated coffee brewing equipment—and not UL Household rated products.


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