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Keurig® K-Cup® pods may not be recyclable in your area; check with your local municipality for more information. Details

Our distributors are experts at finding the right Keurig® commercial brewing system for businesses of all sizes.

Working with a distributor offers the following benefits:

  • Free commercial coffee machine for office
  • Multiple water-source option: direct plumbing or removable reservoir
  • Personalized delivery service
  • On-site brewer service and maintenance
Get Keurig® Brewers for your business
industrial coffee maker

Keurig® Commercial Brewing Systems are available exclusively through our Keurig® Authorized Distributors.

  • K140 Brewer Series

    • Small businesses up to 15 people
    • An option for businesses that choose not to dedicate a water line

  • K150 Brewer Series

    • Small to medium businesses up to 30 people
    • NSF certified

  • K3000SE Brewer

    • Larger businesses serving 30 or more people
    • ANSI certified to NSF standards

  • Eccellenza TouchTM

    • Larger businesses serving 30 or more people
    • Bean-to-cup system serving gourmet coffee with a wide variety of specialty beverages
    • Innovative design with user-friendly and high definition touchscreen

  • K4000 Café System

    • A machine designed for large companies
    • A bin that can accommodate 30 K‑Cup® pods
    • Holds enough milk powder for up to 50 Cappuccinos/Lattes


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