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Employees and Patients Love
Keurig® Brewing Systems

The perfect cup keeps your team focused and your patients happy.

Improve Employee Morale with a Keurig® Brewing System in the Break Room


Professional espresso machine and Break Room coffee makers in your office you focus on great patient care. Why not extend that care to the break room with the perk that can make your team feel valued and satisfied.

Keurig Brewing Systems can:

• Offer employees a wide selection of great beverages they can enjoy quickly

• Work quickly and efficiently, with or without a dedicated water supply

• Consistently give your team fresh, gourmet beverages at the touch of a button


Keurig® Brewing Systems Are a Great Addition to Your Waiting Room Too

Keurig brewers work wonders in waiting rooms. Giving patients gourmet beverages to enjoy can help make your practice stand out from the competition.


of patients say having a practice offer beverages in the waiting room helps create a more comfortable environment.1


1Keurig Independent Study, February 2012.

Keurig® Commercial Brewing Systems

Explore our brewers — perfect for your workplace.

  • K-1500 Coffee Maker

    K-1500 Coffee Maker

    Great for smaller offices or conference rooms with fewer than 15 people.

  • K-2500 Coffee Maker

    K-2500 Coffee Maker

    Simplicity meets versatility. The Keurig® K-2500™ Coffee Maker, the latest innovation from Keurig®

  • K-3500 Coffee Maker

    K-3500 Coffee Maker

    The K-3500™ possesses a modern ID, enhanced UI through a high resolution touch screen and additional customization options for end-users to better answer the large office market

  • K4000 Café System

    Please everyone with the coffeehouse beverages they crave, any time of day.

How Does Keurig®
Brew Excellent Beverages?

Flavor In. Oxygen Out.

An airtight seal ensures coffee remains fresh and delicious.

Always Brewed Fresh

The finest beans selected, roasted, ground and measured to exacting specifications.

What Brings Out
the Flavor You Love?

The ideal brewing environment inside; advanced water filtration at the optimum pressure and temperature.

Your Perfect Cup.

With a choice of over 180 varieties, your perfect cup is just seconds away.