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Make Your Guests Feel at Home

with Keurig® Brewing Systems

Build Stronger Guest Loyalty with Great Beverages

Of preferred hotel amenities, in-room coffee is second only to wireless internet. Keurig® Brewing Systems offer a coffee machine for hotel total property solution that will delight your guests with a wide variety of beverages.**

More and more of your guests love their Keurig brewer, so giving them that home-away-from-home feeling really does build loyalty.1

• Research indicates that 50% of guests familiar with the Keurig brand, claim that the presence of a Keurig brewer makes it more likely that they will stay at a hotel and refer friends and family.1

• 75% of guests regarded hotels with the Keurig in-room brewing system more favorably.1

**As compared to other amenities listed in a recent study: Carbonview Research — Travelers Survey 2012.

1Carbonview Research Travelers Survey, 2012



Keurig® Commercial Brewing Systems

Explore our brewers — perfect for hospitality.

  • K130 coffee maker

    K130 coffee maker

    • The perfect choice for in-room brewing

  • K-Suite coffee maker

    K-Suite coffee maker

    An effortlessly elevated experience that's second to none.

How Does Keurig®
Brew Excellent Beverages?

Flavor In. Oxygen Out.

An airtight seal ensures coffee remains fresh and delicious.

Always Brewed Fresh

The finest beans selected, roasted, ground and measured to exacting specifications.

What Brings Out
the Flavor You Love?

The ideal brewing environment inside; advanced water filtration at the optimum pressure and temperature.

Your Perfect Cup.

With a choice of over 180 varieties, your perfect cup is just seconds away.