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Fall in love with the simplicity of our coffee machines and receive 50% off selected models.

Indulge in over 180+ varieties

Explore our complete range of products, plus receive 15% off each order.

Never run out of coffee

Don't stress – coffee is on the way! Get your favourite products delivered regularly right to your doorstep. Plus, you determine the frequency.

50% OFF a selection of Keurig® coffee makers
15% OFF beverages – choose from our entire selection of 24-count boxes
Minimum of 4 orders of 4 boxes or more – total of 16 boxes over 12 months
Automatic enrollment in Auto-Delivery with members-only benefits
Free shipping on your first 4 orders & all future orders over $80
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Coffee Maker Buying Guide | PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

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Build Your Starter Kit

Get 50% OFF a coffee maker + 15% OFF beverages!
Cancellation fees & restrictions apply.

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Got more questions?
Consult our FAQ section below.
  • What is a Keurig® Starter Kit?

    The Keurig® Starter Kit is an innovative new program that allows customers to build a customizable coffee subscription program.

    It provides an initial 50% off a selection of coffee makers, 15% subsequent Auto-Delivery orders, and free delivery!

  • How does it work exactly?

    First, you select one of the coffee makers offered at a 50% discount. Next, select the beverages you wish to receive on a regular basis (your Auto-Delivery orders) at 15% off.

    The last step involves determining the frequency of your Auto-Delivery orders. Most individuals opt for once every 5 to 6 weeks, depending on your consumption! And voilà you’re good to go!

  • Do I need to order a minimum number of boxes?

    Yes! Once you’ve created your Keurig Starter Kit, you’ll need to place a minimum of 4 orders of 4 boxes (or more) over the course of the course of a 12-month period.

    In total, this equates to 16 boxes (or bags) of beverage products within this time frame.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Of course! You can cancel at any time. Simply sign in to your Keurig.ca to modify or cancel your order.

    However, you will be charged for the balance of the list price of the coffee maker if the 16-box minimum (or bags) of beverages are not fulfilled within the 12-month time frame.

    This balance will be calculated based on the list price from the date of initial purchase and the Auto-Delivery enrollment. You will be notified of this charge via email.

  • Can I postpone my Auto-Delivery orders for a month?

    Yes! You’re in charge of the frequency of your Auto-Delivery orders. To postpone or modify your order, just sign in to your Keurig.ca account and select “My Auto-Delivery Orders.” Next, you’ll be able to modify or cancel the delivery schedule from there.

    Just note that you must complete the 16 boxes (or bags) of beverage products within the 12-month time frame.

  • Do I get free shipping?

    Yes, with your Keurig® Starter Kit you receive free shipping in regard to your coffee maker and the first 4 Auto-Delivery orders.

    All subsequent Auto-Delivery orders are free if they exceed $80.