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For the Love of Coffee Today and Tomorrow

We Love Coffee

It’s what we do. That’s why we are committed to 100% responsibly sourced coffee1, why we are making more brewers with recycled plastic, and why 100% of our K-Cup® pods are made from polypropylene. K-Cup® pods are recyclable in select locations, but may not be recycled in your area. Please check with your local recycling facility for updated information. Our love of coffee is why we’re committed to help sustain the communities involved in growing, harvesting and distributing the coffee you love.

We do it for people who love our planet, and our coffee, as much as we do – so we all can enjoy it for generations to come.

A Commitment to the Cup

From our efforts towards increased circularity and improved manufacturing practices, to supporting coffee farming communities, we’re passionate about working towards protecting the future of coffee and have set ambitious goals and commitments:

Responsible sourcing
100% of our coffee is responsibly sourced.1
Reducing waste
100% of our K-Cup® pods are made from polypropylene. K-Cup® pods are recyclable in select locations, but may not be recycled in your area. Please check with your local recycling facility for updated information.
Clean energy
100% of electricity used in our coffee manufacturing facilities comes from renewable sources.
2025 Goals
Reducing waste
We’re committed to 100% of our product packaging to be made from materials that can be recycled or composted, and aim for zero waste to be sent to landfills across our manufacturing facilities.
2030 Goals
We are committed to supporting conservation and regenerative agriculture on 250,000 acres of farmland, much of it used for coffee growing.

Partnerships for a Better Brew

We partner with many organizations across the world – with just a few highlighted here – in efforts to care for the coffee ecosystem



Through our new partnership with ECOTIERRA, a sustainable agroforestry project developer and operator, we’re helping small scale coffee farmers in Peru through technical assistance and governance support.

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We work with a local Canadian processor to incorporate more post-consumer recycled plastic in our coffee makers.

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The Circular Plastics Taskforce

We're working toward advancing the circular economy by optimizing plastics recycling in Canada.

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Root Capital

Through our 20+ year partnership with Root Capital, we’re supporting small scale coffee farmers and their families with financing and advisory services.

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Polypropylene Recycling Coalition (PRC)

K-Cup® pods are made with #5 plastic, polypropylene. With this partnership, we are working to expand the acceptance of polypropylene for recycling across North America. K-Cup® pods are recyclable in select locations, but may not be recycled in your area. Please check with your local recycling facility for updated information.

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World Coffee Research

We’ve teamed up with World Coffee Research with the aim of developing different coffee varieties that can withstand the effects of climate change while producing higher quality coffee.

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Blue Harvest

We’re promoting sustainable coffee production by helping train over 2,500 farmers to provide safer and cleaner water.

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For the Love of Coffee

We are working across our supply chain to identify areas that we can positively impact, from addressing issues affecting our farmers to supporting conservation efforts– to support the protection of the coffee ecosystem for future generations.

Coffee Sourcing
Coffee Sourcing
We source from growers who value environmental responsibility and protecting coffee quality.
Farming Communities
Farming Communities
We support efforts to build resilient, inclusive, and thriving small scale coffee communities.
We’ve built the largest LEED-certified manufacturing plant in North America. We are continuing to identify areas across operations where we could reduce CO2 emissions.
To help more of our pods get recycled, we’ve improved packaging, invested in recycling testing, and helped strengthen the recycling infrastructure.

Revitalizing Coffee Communities

Sumatran Seedling Program
Café Selva Norte Project
Improving co-op governance and technical assistance for farmers in Peru
KDP Canada is supporting the strengthening and expansion of ECOTIERRA’s Café Selva Norte Project in Peru, with activities focused on improving governance and technical assistance, which are crucial to ensure that the project’s benefits will be sustained. More specifically, the project aims to provide management training within co-ops and support producers in maximizing their return on investments, in order to increase their incomes and improve the quality of life for their families. The technical assistance provided includes training on agroforestry management activities to maximize the productivity and quality of coffee, such as pruning, fertilization, harvesting, fermentation and drying.
Sustainable Coffee Project
Sustainable Coffee Project
Transforming rural coffee communities
In collaboration with Root Capital, Keurig launched the Partnership for Sustainable Coffee. With support from Feed the Future, the US Government’s global hunger and food security initiative, by the end of 2020, the project had reached 183 farmer businesses with lending and advisory services, supporting sustainable livelihoods for 330,000 smallholder coffee farmers and their families.

Something New is on The Horizon.

We are reimagining single serve from the ground up. K-Rounds pods will be created from expertly roasted coffee beans, ground, pressed, and wrapped in a protective plant-based coating, preserving the coffee’s flavor and aroma. K-Rounds will work exclusively with the new Keurig Alta system and can be disposed of like any other coffee grounds for a coffee experience you will feel great about.


Single-serve Sustainability

We’re working to explore ways to support a sustainable future, and our current development priorities are on a continuous pathway towards greater circularity. We’re also working to expand EASY-PEEL lids to make the preparation for recycling more convenient. The My K‑Cup® Universal Reusable filter is another great way to brew the perfect cup.