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The Green Mountain Coffee® Difference

At Green Mountain Coffee®, quality starts with the relationships we build with our farmers. The way we taste and evaluate our coffee up to seven times before it reaches your cup. Great coffee starts with great people. That’s why we’re personally invested in upholding the highest standards of quality, integrity and commitment.

‘Good’ coffee just isn’t good enough. At Green Mountain, we scour the globe for the finest beans – the top 10% in the world – tasting them to make sure they meet our standards.

regions across the globe
put beans in your cup

Flavours As Unique As You

Our coffees are sourced from 28 regions around the globe – places with varying altitudes, climates and soils that contribute to flavour profiles as unique as your moods and palate. Whether you’re waking up to the brightness of a lighter coffee or relaxing with a full-bodied brew, we’ve perfected each roast in our extensive collection.


Approximately a community of

25 000 000

rely on coffee for a
living worldwide


We've helped

20 000

diversify crops or
livestock since 2014


Water for

150 000

in Central America will improve as
a result of our partnerships