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What is this?

If you own a website, this is where you can earn money by telling your readers about our revolutionary single-cup brewing systems and patented K-Cup® packs. All you have to do is put an ad from up on your site, wait until your viewers click & convert, and get paid! It's our way of giving back to our supporters and offering them the chance to become a part of our booming online family.

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What is CJ?

Commission Junction is an online advertising and Internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services. They help to establish a fair, transparent relationship between advertisers and publishers. We chose to team up with CJ in order to provide our publishers with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting and monthly commission checks.


Get a competitive 10% commission for every sale you refer

$1 commission for every lead you refer to contests & sweepstakes

Your visitors will benefit from special discounts and exclusive offers

We provide dedicated Affiliate Management

Our product catalog and ad visuals are fun, original and regularly updated

We can create custom ads and exclusive promotions, just for you!

It's free!


It’s not difficult to become a part of the Keurig Canada Affiliate Program.

This is what you’ll need:

  • An approved account with Commission Junction
  • A mailing address
  • A website with Canadian traffic

Once you’ve signed up with Commission Junction and put an ad from up on your site, this is what you need to know:

  • There is a 45-day delay between your first conversion and your first paycheck.
  • All conversions are only subject to payment after they have exceeded the 30-day period for returns.
  • You’ll get paid on the 15th of each month.


  • How often will I get paid?

    You’ll get paid on the 15th of every month, without delay.

  • What about for the first payment?

    There is a 45-day approval period between your first conversion and your first paycheck.

  • How will I get paid?

    We’ll send a check directly in the mail.

  • What type of affiliates do you accept?

    We accept Couponers, Bloggers, Loyalty providers, E-mailers and more.

  • Do you accept Search Engine Marketers?

    Not at this time.

  • Which GEO target of traffic does accept?

    Canadian traffic only.

  • Do you accept incentivized traffic?

    Yes, we monitor the quality of your traffic carefully.

  • Does have a product data feed?

    We do!