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Beyond great coffee

As a coffee company, our impact extends across a global supply chain – from the beans that are harvested and roasted to the brewer that is sitting on your counter. We’re committed to the people and places that support our products.

Working with Communities

Achieving responsible sourcing targets means working with the communities that produce our product, contributing to their infrastructure as they help us achieve our goals.

Improving Lives

We’re committed to engaging 1 million people in our supply chain to improve their lives. We’ve helped farming families through various initiatives that resulted in better farming practices, new sources of income and access to clean water.

Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices


people live in coffee-farming households that use efficient micro-organisms to fight coffee leaf rust and improve productivity among other new organic farming practices they have learned.

Adoption of Water-or Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices


people live in households that have learned and applied sustainable water resource management practices on their coffee farms.

Income diversification


families, comprising 3,755 people, have adopted new non-coffee, income-generating activities after receiving training and resources.

Cultivating strong coffee communities

Quality coffee starts with quality relationships with coffee farmers. We provide our suppliers, their employees and their communities with the resources required to improve business practices and livelihoods.