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Working like our earth depends on it

As a coffee company, we’re deeply connected to the earth, and we’ve set ambitious goals to reduce our environmental impact because we’re passionate about doing our part to protect the earth, for generations to come.

Understanding Our Impact

We strive to better the communities we work with, using specialized tools to improve our decision-making and gain a deeper understanding of product impact.


Our Operations

When green coffee arrives at our facilities, we roast, grind and package it. We are establishing an infrastructure to track the energy of our manufacturing facilities so we can run equipment more efficiently. Our operations - including offices and roasting and packaging facilities - represent just 2.5% of our greenhouse gas footprint and less than 1% of our blue water footprint.

Clean Water

As essential fundamental element of our business, we seek to understand water use across our value chain and work to connect people and nature to clean water.

Water is a critical resource that significantly impacts the Keurig® value chain. We conducted water and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprints to help us identify the areas where we can make the biggest improvements. Analyses confirm that our operations represent a relatively small portion of our overall GHG and water footprints (4.3% of our GHG footprint and less than 1% of our blue water footprint) but we continue to make improvements so we can operate as efficiently as possible.



what we take with what we replace. Ounce for ounce, we restore an equal volume of clean water to nature and communities as we use in all our beverages.



our employees, our communities, and our consumers to clean water.



resources through efficient use of water in our operations and supply chain.

Our Responsibility

We support projects that teach farming techniques for efficient water management. We also manage our own industrial water usage, and create products that do likewise.

For every Keurig® beverage made, we restore the same volume of water through projects that focus on enhancing watersheds, protecting habitats and conserving water. We’ve already balanced more than 707 million gallons through projects in geographies where people make our beverages. That’s nearly 97% of the water used in our beverages.

Save Water and Coffee

Keurig® offers a smart choice for making beverages. Brewing only what you need with Keurig® coffee makers saves coffee, money and water. 15% of each pot of brewed coffee is wasted. That adds up to 438 cups of coffee annually - and about $104 per household - down the drain.

*Keurig® Research Study on Waste Coffee, February 2016