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Coffee makers made in part with recycled plastic.

Envisioning a sustainable future

Introducing Keurig® coffee makers made in part with recycled plastic.

Achieving a challenging feat
We partnered with industry experts to find a way to incorporate recycled plastics into our product lineup. The objective is to extend the lifespan of previously used plastic materials and reduce our consumption of raw resources.

Sourced within Canada

Keurig® is proud to source from a Canadian-based partner to create these two coffee makers made in part with recycled plastic.

Fostering a green attitude
This initiative undoubtedly reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and building a circular economy. We want to provide our consumers with a sustainable option that suits their desire to protect the planet for generations to come.
Recyclable K‑Cup® pods

Did you know?
Since 2018, all Keurig® K-Cup® pods are recyclable. Our pods are made of polypropylene, also known as #5 plastic. Polypropylene containers are accepted in most municipal recycling programs across Canada.

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