From the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to the Arctic Circle, our Canadian road trip picks will help you get out and discover the country’s natural beauties with your Keurig® Travel Mug in hand. We’ve paired some of our favourite Keurig® coffee, tea and other K-Cup® pods with each region, so that all you have to do to plan your Canadian road trip is grab a map, get comfortable and hit “brew.”

From glacier lakes to ancient rock formations, from Van Houtte® French Roast coffee to Timothy’s® Lemon Blueberry Passion tea, you’ll see that Canada’s eclectic scenery has as much variety and depth as the flavour nuances contained within each Keurig® K-Cup® pod.

  1. Laura Secord® Hot Chocolate and Alberta’s Icefields Parkway

    Featuring vast Canadian Rockies and two national parks along with the icefields themselves, Alberta’s Icefields Parkway is definitely a destination to consider when planning your great Canadian road trip.

    We suggest circling these spots on your map of Canada as you sip on a cup of Laura Secord® Hot Chocolate mix, because what better time to drink this delicious, comforting K-Cup® pod beverage than when planning a trip to freezing cold glaciers and lakes?

    Admire the majestic Columbia Icefield from the highway and designated lookout points, or travel over the glaciers in one of the “snowcoach” rides the park provides in summer. And why not take your Laura Secord® Hot Chocolate along for the ride in a Keurig® Travel Mug, so that you can stay nice and warm while admiring all the ice-cold beauty?


  2. Timothy’s® Midnight Magic Coffee and British Columbia’s Pacific Rim Highway

    If you’re an adventurous coffee lover looking for a wonderfully bold and dynamic coffee roast (and road trip), look no further than Timothy’s® Midnight Magic Coffee K-Cup® pods. Dark and delicious, it’s the perfect motivational kick for when you’re planning an adventurous road trip along the scenic Pacific Rim Highway and National Park.

    There is more than a handful of things to do in Pacific Rim National Park. Camping, hiking, kayaking, whale watching (to name a few) or maybe just check in to West Coast time and get some quality time in on Long Beach. It’s truly the perfect spot to sit back, relax and watch the scenery while savouring the rich Timothy’s® coffee flavour of this dark roast.

    When you’re ready to hit the road, make sure to bring along your Keurig® coffee maker and a healthy stash of K-Cup® pods in your RV or camper, so you can keep enjoying this Timothy’s® coffee’s delicious flavour without missing a beat.

  3. Timothy’s® Lemon Blueberry Passion Tea, Van Houtte® French Roast Coffee, and Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail

    If you like winding roads with beautiful views of the water, then Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail is the route to choose when you plan your road trip. If you’re a serious coffee lover, the rich scent and deep, dark appeal of its woodland trails might even remind you of Van Houtte® French Roast coffee!

    So, simply grab your Keurig® Travel Mug and take a hike through trails of woodland, tundra, and bogs framing the beautiful portrait that is the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Then, make sure you hold your Van Houtte® French Roast coffee tight as you hop aboard a whale watching cruise.

    Most importantly, if you’re headed to the Maritimes, you have to take time to enjoy the amazing regional food and drink. Along with its fantastic seafood, the region is also famous for its wild blueberries. You can capture the light, fruity, and sun-kissed vibes of an East Coast summer with Timothy’s® Lemon Blueberry Passion Tea K-Cup® pods.

  4. Timothy’s® Sugar Bush Maple Coffee and Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula

    When you sit down with your map of Canada and realize how vast Quebec is, that’s the moment you hit “brew,” grab a pen and mark out Route 132. Quebec’s longest highway will take you from pretty much anywhere in the province all the way to the beautiful Gaspé PeninsulaOne of the amazing things about Quebec is its gorgeous maple trees, which offer a spectacular show of colour in the fall. They’re also the source of Canada’s most delicious treat: maple syrup! Timothy’s® Sugar Bush Maple flavoured K-Cup® pods let you experience the iconic taste of Quebec, whether you’re enjoying your brew at home or from your Keurig® Travel Mug.

    So take a sip of Canada as you explore Percé Rock National Park, or admire the views from the lookout point at Gaspésie’s beautiful Mont Saint-Joseph. When the mountain air gets a bit chilly, let this Timothy’s® coffee’s comforting flavour warm you up while you check out the site’s Catholic oratory.

  5. Starbucks® True North Coffee and the Yukon and Northwest Territories’ Dempster Highway

    If you want to experience a truly adventurous Canadian road trip, Dempster Highway should be on your road trip bucket list. The two-lane, unpaved road extends 740 km from Yukon’s Dawson City to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.

    This majestic region really shows why Canada is sometimes referred to as “The Great White North.” It may be cold, but its scenery sure is spectacular! So, why not show northern Canada some love by brewing up a Starbucks® True North Coffee K-Cup® pod? Like all Starbucks® coffee, its flavours are perfectly balanced, with cocoa and toasted nut nuances that make it easy to enjoy – just like Canada!

    Want to start planning your great Canadian road trip but need some extra motivation? Get inspired by matching your favourite K-Cup® pod flavours to your own list of must-see regions in Canada. You’ll be sippin’ and drivin’ in no time!