Full of warm spices and comforting flavours, a chai latte is the perfect beverage to brighten your day! Interested in learning how to make a chai latte at home? We’ve got the perfect recipe. It takes just three easy steps and the K‑Latte™ coffee and latte maker to make a chai latte at home that’s so delicious, you’ll never want anything other than homemade again!

The Secret Behind Our Homemade Chai Latte: Timothy’s® Chai Tea

If you want to learn how to make a chai latte that’s sweet, spicy and comforting, the first easy step is brewing a shot into a latte mug with the Timothy’s® Chai Tea K‑Cup® pod. Pop your K‑Cup® pod into the K‑Latte™ coffee and latte maker and select the Shot option. This concentrated tea brew is perfect as the base of a chai latte recipe, since its intense flavour will go perfectly with the creamy milk we’ll be adding later.

The Best Chai Latte Recipe Needs the Perfect Froth

The second step when learning how to make a chai latte with the K‑Latte™ coffee and latte maker is creating a rich froth using the built-in milk frother. Simply pour your warm frothed milk into the shot of Timothy’s® Chai Tea, and your homemade chai latte is nearly ready to enjoy!

For a delicious vegan chai latte recipe, use the non-dairy beverage of your choice. We love almond-based beverages, since their rich flavour complements chai spices perfectly!

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Delicious Chai Latte at Home

The last step when you’re learning how to make a chai latte at home is also the most fun! This is where you can further customize your homemade chai latte’s flavours.

For a more healthy chai latte recipe, just add a little bit of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon, ginger or cardamom, and you’re ready to enjoy! If you want to take your chai tea latte recipe to the next level, you can sweeten with sugar or condensed milk and add some whipped cream on top.

Now, time to relax and enjoy your creamy, perfectly-spiced chai latte recipe!

As you can see, it only takes three easy steps to learn how to make a chai latte at home!

To get started, you’ll need a Timothy’s® Chai Tea K‑Cup® pod and the Keurig® K‑Latte™ Coffee and Latte Maker. Find them online or visit one of our coffee maker retailers!