You already know that a great cup of coffee can help you finish spring cleaning in no time. However, did you know maintenance on your Keurig® coffee maker can be just as great and simple?

All coffee lovers know the importance of quality! That’s why it’s important that your Keurig® coffee maker is always brewing at its best.

Over time and use, it’s normal for natural minerals in the water of your coffee maker’s tank to leave calcium deposits. Don’t worry – these are nontoxic and safe. However, they can affect the optimal performance of your coffee maker if you do not clean it occasionally.

We recommend you descale your coffee maker every three to six months; this simple process will not only help extend the life of your machine, but also help ensure you’re brewing high-quality beverages. 

So how do you clean your Keurig® coffee machine? 

To start, you will need a large mug (do not use a paper cup), fresh water and access to a sink. Plus, you’ll want to get a 400 ml bottle of Keurig® Descaling Solution. Once you have all the tools, you’ll find cleaning your coffee maker is surprisingly simple. 

Ready? It’ll take you about 45 minutes – here we go!

How to clean your Keurig® Coffee maker – Step 1

First, turn off your Keurig® coffee maker by pressing the power button. Then, empty its water reservoir and remove the water filter (if you use one). After that, pour the entire contents of the Keurig® Descaling Solution bottle into the water reservoir. Finally, refill the same bottle with fresh tap water and empty it into the reservoir for solution dilution.

Turn the machine back on, place a large mug on your coffee maker’s drip tray. Next, run a 10 oz brew by lifting and lowering the handle and pushing “BREW” without using a K-Cup® pod. Although we know everything your coffee maker usually does is delicious, you will have to pour this drink down the sink!

How to clean your Keurig® Coffee maker – Step 2

To maximize the power of the descaling solution and fully clean your Keurig® coffee maker, keep brewing 10 oz infusions into your large mug until it says, “More Water Please.” After that, let your machine stand for at least 30 minutes while still on (this is usually when we like to reorganize our coffee corners or catch up on our favourite show. Who says cleaning can’t be fun?).

How to clean your Keurig® Coffee maker – Step 3

After the 30 minutes is done, pour out any remaining Keurig® Descaling Solution in the water reservoir and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Then, fill the reservoir to its full capacity without exceeding the MAX indicator.

Put your large mug back on the drip tray and do a brew at the largest cup size. Again, don’t waste a K-Cup® pod – you can enjoy one after cleaning is complete! Pour the contents of your mug down the drain. 

Repeat this process at least a dozen times, emptying the mug’s contents into the sink after each brew. You will likely have to refill your Keurig® coffee maker’s reservoir with fresh water at least once during this process.

How to clean your Keurig® Coffee maker – Extra tips

Has foam started coming out of your Keurig® coffee maker? That’s perfectly normal. It’s a natural reaction between the cleansing solution and scale. This is more likely if a coffee maker has a lot of build-up, which may prevent the descaling solution from properly filling the brewing system. 

In this case, your coffee maker may only produce a thin stream of liquid, or even nothing at all, and you might hear the sound of air escaping the system. If this happens, turn off and unplug your coffee maker. Then, empty and thoroughly rinse any remaining descaling solution in the tank before refilling it with fresh water. Reconnect your brewing system, turn it on again and repeat.

It should start running normally without the descaling solution and build-up. If this still does not solve the problem, unplug your coffee maker, allow it to stand for 30 minutes and try rinsing with water again.

All this talk of foam has us craving a cappuccino! Just a friendly reminder that when your coffee maker is clean, you can always add frothed milk to all your beverages with the Keurig® Milk Frother!

A matte navy Keurig® K-SelectTM coffee maker with a mug. Water is driping in the mug.

After you have cleaned your Keurig® coffee maker, you can be sure that it will be working at full speed and you’ll have perfect pours in all your favourite beverages, every time!

To minimize mineral deposits and ensure they do not affect performance, remember to clean and descale your coffee maker every three to six months. 

You may have heard that some individuals swear by using vinegar to clean their coffee makers. We do not recommend this practice, as the acidic vinegar can damage your coffee maker. Therefore, we always suggest using our descaling solution, which is made specifically for Keurig® coffee makers. 

If you’re looking for the instructions for your Keurig® coffee maker, you can access a select list here: 

Spring cleaning can be a challenge. At least when your Keurig® coffee maker is running perfectly, you can have brew at its best quality and tackle it! Start your cleaning by getting the Keurig® Descaling Solution online now.