A coffee date is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends

Not only is a great coffee date a powerful tool to meet new people – it’s also the perfect opportunity to build upon your existing relationships.

If you want to truly enjoy a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, don’t add too many distractions to the mix. You, your friend and a cup of coffee is all you need, whether it’s a casual coffee chat or a deep conversation.

Coffee dates let you network and find new career opportunities

Finding the job of your dreams doesn’t always start with a formal interview. A casual chat over coffee with a potential employer or colleague can be a great way to make promising new connections.

Your future boss probably likes a bold, dark brew. So brew up some dark roast like our delicious Van Houtte® House Blend Dark for your meeting and get on your potential boss’ good side from the start!

Coffee meetings can transform a company’s culture for the better

When you’re really busy, sometimes it’s easy to forget what makes a team great: its people! Getting to know your co-workers helps you connect with them, so you can all grow together and succeed as a team. And there’s no better way to get to know someone than over a freshly-brewed cup of coffee.

Try to squeeze a quick coffee date with a co-worker into your schedule. It’s a great way to relax and develop some of your most important professional relationships. And it doesn’t need to take a lot of time, either. A great coffee meeting can fit anywhere, just like our new Keurig® K-Mini™ coffee maker.

Share a cup of coffee with the love of your life

Most times, when you meet someone you really like, it’s better to take things slowly and really get to know one another. A coffee date is perfect for that. You’ll never run out of things to talk about on a coffee date with the right special someone!

Got a hot date? You might want to try whipping up a couple of refreshing iced coffees. Or, if you really want to impress your date by looking like a pro, here’s a coffee date tip: use your milk frother to make a rich foam to top your coffees.


Have a coffee date … with yourself!

Coffee lets you connect with yourself by giving you a quiet moment of enjoyment. However, it also lets you connect with the world at large through a variety of flavours sourced from all over the globe. Spend some quality time with yourself!

Who are you going to ask on a coffee date next? Whoever it’s going to be, make sure you have plenty of different K-Cup® pod options to offer your guest. Get more K-Cup® pods online!