Van Houtte Midnight Express Dark Roast Coffee
Van Houtte®

Van Houtte Midnight Express Dark Roast Coffee

At Van Houtte, we know how to liven up your day because our passion for coffee runs as deep as your own. We are committed to 100% responsibly sourced coffee beans that we roast to perfection with a mastery that we've been refining for more than 100 years.


Our coffee is grown to create a positive, lasting impact for farmers and the environment, so it can be enjoyed for generations. The Van Houtte Midnight Express blend provides a bold and intense fruity taste.


With this purchase, you can be assured you are receiving a genuine single serve coffee K-Cup pods; they have been engineered for quality and are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup coffee makers.


TASTE: Discover the bold and intense fruity taste of Van Houtte Midnight Express coffee.

ROAST: Van Houtte Midnight Express coffee is made from 100% responsibly sourced coffee beans.

RECYCLABILITY: Our K-Cup pods are recyclable in select locations. They may not be recyclable in your area.

COMPATIBILITY: Contains genuine K-Cup pods, engineered for gua

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