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Every time you use your Keurig® brewer, you’re part of our journey to make every cup matter. From driving our pursuit of more sustainable products to helping restore clean water to local ecosystems, we’re improving the world together, one cup at a time.

Making Recyclability A Priority

Creating a truly recyclable K-Cup® pod means understanding what really matters. We had to make sure that our pods would be easily recyclable while still maintaining the exceptional quality of the coffee inside. After years of evaluating, innovating, and testing a variety of materials and processes. We’re proud to introduce a new recyclable polypropylene K-Cup® pod. We’re starting our journey with the Van Houtte House Blend and more will soon follow. It’s progress that’s right for our coffee, our consumers, and our future.

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Clean Water For Everyone

Water is essential to life—for drinking and washing, for recreation, for agriculture, for nature. That’s why for every Keurig® beverage you make, we’re working to restore that same volume of water to the people and places around us.

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Through water balancing, we have restored more than 524 million gallons of water, which would fill nearly 793 Olympic-sized pools.

Improving Farmer Livelihoods

Photo Credit: Adam Keough, Blue Harvest

In 2001, our Timothy’s® brand established a relationship with the Embera Chami indigenous community of San Lorenzo, in Colombia. This partnership aims at improving the quality of life of the people, and offer consumers quality coffee through a direct relationship with the producers: Colombian La Vereda. By having a guaranteed buyer for their crop, the coffee producers of the Embera Chami community can invest in community development projects, such as school programs for children. They can also invest in training for the region's coffee growers.

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